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June 21, 2012
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Victory Is Ours by DrowElfMorwen Victory Is Ours by DrowElfMorwen
Vincent adjusted his hat, trying to restore the proper shape to his beloved hat, glancing at the tall drow beside him.
"The punch to the face was unnecessary."
"I disagree. The punch to the face was entirely necessary."
"I think you are mistaken, Honglath. The punch was unnecessary and will prevent me from--!"
Honglath turned sharply, standing in front of him. "If you do not close your mouth now, Vincent, I will be forced to do much more than punch you in it."
"But that will make it even harder for--!"

Vincent stumbled back a step, bringing a hand to his mouth, feeling a second split in his lip, the blood dribbling down his chin. He watched his hat roll down a few of the stone steps and sighed, moving over it and picking it up, yet again trying to restore it to the proper shape.
"A warning." Honglath said in a too-quiet tone, standing beside him again, the two resuming their walk.
The moon elf, for once, held his tongue... barely.

As they exited the castle, Vincent glanced back at Honglath, smirking at the cuts he had managed to land on the drow's body. The two elves were told not to hurt one another in the sparring match - a trial to prove their skills - but things, as usual, grew personal quickly. Vincent did not hold it against Honglath - nor the mage to the fighter - but the well placed punches, cuts and small singe marks from the spells were all evidence of some minor frustrations they had with one another. Vincent finally replaced his hat on his head, angling it just so, and glanced back to his lover. "I'll remember this." He said, his tone soft.
"As shall I." Honglath said, the faintest of smiles playing across his lips.

Vincent nudged him lightly on the arm, a motion Honglath returned, as they left the castle...


Honglath (drow mage, on the right) and Vincent (moon elf fighter/assassin) just got done fighting a battle... fighting each other... :giggle:

Honglath is copyright me, and Vincent belongs to my good friend :iconparanoidfighter: , who also wrote the story-blurb for the picture.

Forgotten Realms / Dungeons & Dragons fan art

I got Honglath some new hair, he looks pretty bad-ass right? Hope you all enjoy!! :dance:
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"I'll be chasing sexy drow males through the underdark... "
Oh ... so I'll probably run into you ! I'll be doing the same XD~
Well, I will comment on Honglath since I"m not sure about the other guy... Oooo he's bloody... *drools* and I love that new hair, it's awesome, the shirt is sexy~ He should be beat up more often~
Well I can always bring in Inyakess LOL
Not that beat up XD
Cheesedemon88 Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
May I ask what processes and programs you have used to make this ?
I used DAZ Studio, and edited a bit in Paint Shop Pro ^^
Completely bad-ass, I agree. :tighthug: Awesome work. :happybounce:
Vincent finally has his hat, complete with white feather! He is thrilled, believe me :D His outfit looks amazing.... but not as amazing as Honglath's. Wow. I have never seen him looking that... strong/cocky/good-looking/proud/haughty before but it suits him! The hair only adds to it!

As for the facial expressions? They're great. Vincent's smirk as he looks to Honglath and Honglath's pretending to ignore Vincent's smirk. These two work so well together :D

Also, totally fighting each other. Had to have been. Why else would Vincent be sporting a twice-split lip? :laughing:
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