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Jagen Sedai, Toshiha
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WoT Stamp: Red Ajah by xxtayce Slytherin House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud

:dance: Commissions! :dance:

For a while I have been musing about doing commissions, 3D-art wise. Since I have improved greatly in my 3D art and am learning new things I finally decided to open some up.

How 3D Commissions Work

With 3D art, not everything is created from scratch. Some items are bought, including the figures themselves which must be manipulated to get the right look, both physically and aesthetically (for example, setting skin and eye settings, lighting, background). For my own artwork I cannot create my own clothing; everything must be bought or found. Same with the hair, skin, and if I wish it, buying shapes for a figure to get a particular face. All that being said, here is how I have set up commissions:

- I have quite a library of stuff within DAZ (which is the program I use) but perhaps not everything I'd need for someone's character. Any prices I will charge would not reflect the work put into it, but items bought to put the picture together. Items I would want to buy for a particular picture--say, a very nice ranger outfit for a female character, or a particular hairstyle for a male--will have to get pre-approval from someone before I buy it. I will pick stuff from my library if possible but some pieces I might not feel I have, so I would ask the commissioner, "What do you think about me using this?" If they really liked it, I would then buy the item, say it's $15.00. If that is the only item I bought and everything else (skin, hair, props, background) came from my own library, the picture's price would also be $15.00. However, the items bought would not be limited to that single picture use and I might use it again in my own renders.

- I would prefer render requests of a fantasy sort, as this is mostly what I have in my library. However I can and would do other pictures but depending on what's being asked for, I'd probably have to buy a few things for a particular piece.

- I would like to buy at least one item per commission, that way I get something from each one, whether it be really cheap or a bit more pricey. (It would depend on what I am asking the commissioner to buy, and if they'd like it). I would do my best to keep prices under $20-25. Keep in mind this is for more than one picture! So I think it's a great deal for me and a commissioner.

The good thing about requesting a 3D art piece is that the commissioner can also ask for more than one portrait--a close up, a full body, whatever they want. I would be happy to do multiple renderings of a character, in the same or multiple settings. You would not be limited to just one and I would do as many as you like (spaced out reasonably) whenever I have the time. Though setting up a first picture takes a little while, I have been using DAZ for five years so my timing is pretty good, and follow up pictures are usually quicker to do. Also, more than one character may be requested in a piece. Price would still only apply to items bought.

If interested please drop me a note!

Current Residence: Japan
Favourite genre of music: I love Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, Marilyn Manson, Static-X, movie + video game soundtracks, opera, oldies, Japanese (trad.)
Favourite style of art: I admire good sketchwork :)
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: FFVII, Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois, my own art

Scarlet Sabbath :: K Memorial Live

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 8:09 AM
Tonight's Moi dox Mois live, 09.15.2014, at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO.... It was very sad, as expected, and I tend not to write journals anymore about the Moi dix Mois lives, yet I will say a couple things.

This was Scarlet Sabbath, originally supposed to be May 24th. But as I wrote before, a few days before the live, on the 19th of May, K died. I have learned from a friend of his at Tokyo Darkcastle, where they had a memorial for him, that it was some kind of problem with his heart, and grateful for this tidbit of information, I did not ask for more. K was supposed to perform that night as DJ Dr. Kranken, which would have been his first gig with them.

K Memorial :: Moi dix Mois by DrowElfMorwen

There was a very big memorial set up for K inside the venue. Fans also had their own set up of flowers, but at the main memorial was where fans could place their own flowers and well-wishes.

First, very appropriately, Mana carried out K's burgundy guitar and they immediately launched into "unmoved", which had the line, "May you rest in peace!" In English. A lot of the songs were from Beyond the Gate, which again was appropriate. For unmoved, Mana played on K's guitar. Then it was set up on a stand which had black, glittery wings on it, a fitting display for the dark angel K has become. Adding to those songs, three NEW songs were played, and let me just say, they really grab at your heart! They truly show Mana's soul, the soul of Moi dix Mois. One of the new songs was K's memorial song, and another was called Twilight Flower. A definite new favorite of mine!! (Though nothing will replace Dialogue Symphony, always and forever my favorite MdM song!) They also played Pendulum and The Seventh Veil, but I cannot remember the others right now.

Poor Mana!!! He cried on stage during Je L'aime! It was extremely emotional. His lips were quivering, and he was fighting his tears. He persevered though, and played through the song without missing a note. I think Seth, too, got emotional, but I couldn't see him very well. I couldn't see Hayato or Sugiya either, until Sugiya took Mana's place for a short time. And right at the end, without hesitation, EVERY FAN cried out, "K!!" In unison. It made it even more emotional. Through the live, many fans cried out K's name, but others' names too. Only this moment was so very profoundly deep felt within all of us, so much so that every soul cried out for K.

I have not yet cried for K, really... but definitely something seemed to hit me on the way to the live. Like it was finally beginning to settle in that K was gone. I pushed it down, but it was when I saw Mana quivering that I finally felt my eyes water. However, I didn't want to seem like a wreck, though many fans could be heard sniffling in the silence between the songs.

For those curious, Mana wore all black with the red jewel cross necklace and red and black lips, and red painted tears. Seth and the others were mostly black too, with bits of their burgundy, and Seth also was sporting a new eyepiece that wrapped around his head.

After Je L'aime, which was the last song, well... There was nothing else. No goodbyes, no cries from anyone.
When only Mana was left on stage, quietness fell over everyone. Very simply, after a moment of hesitation, he set down his guitar on the stage and walked over to K's guitar. He put it on, then jammed very hard on it for about a minute or so, just random, very heavy notes. Then he held it aloft. We all cheered out for K, and then... that was it. He too left the stage. No one moved or made a sound until the closing instrumental song, with a memorial feel, finished. Then we all simply clapped.

I was lucky enough to catch one of Mana's picks, and it will be going next to K's in a picture I have for him on one of my shelves.

Also, a cute gift for all those who came to the live:  It is a memorial ticket.


The other side of the door
Beast side
The Prophet
Lamentful Miss
In paradisum(生演奏ver.)
Diabolus et angeli
twilight flower
front et baiser
Immortal madness
Dead Scape
Night Breed
Ange ~D side holy wings~


Je l'aime
En Lumière

  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: Beyond the Gate
  • Reading: god is not Great, by Christopher Hitchens


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